3 reasons to film your company's Frequently Asked Questions

This simple solution can save time and money for your customer support and sales team, build brand exposure and make sure your customers have the best possible experience with your product or service. 

1. Filming your frequently asked questions can drastically save time. 

If you're a team of one, and you find yourself constantly having to re-explain what services you offer, or how your service works, imagine only having to explain it once, and being able to forward that explanation to anyone who asks, rather than re-typing the explanation. Now if you're a company with hundreds, and you find your customer support team constantly repeating themselves, imagine the time that your team would save to actually help customers if one carefully crafted video was in place for each pain point that your customers are experiencing. 

2. Build a relationship

It's pretty obvious that your company's best asset is it's people, so why hide them behind a wall of text (I understand the irony of writing to explain that). Seriously though, instead of having a stock photo of people shaking hands as your FAQ cover image, a potential customer clicks on your FAQ page and is greeted with your team, explaining your product perfectly. They will immediately have a face to an explanation, and then if they have further questions they will know exactly who they were talking to. That first personal handshake will be enough to differentiate your company by letting your customers know who they are working with. 

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.
— wordstream

3. Show, and Tell - Increase your customer experience with your product

If your product is new and novel, or has been around for a while and needs some explanation, why not be the source of that explanation? You are your products best advocate, you know how it is best used, and you know how it should look when your customer uses it. Whether it's a new feature in your app, or building a physical product out of the box, shouldn't you be the person who shows customers how to use it best? Now your customers will have the best possible information when it comes to using your product, and their experience with it in the future will be maximized because you showed them how to use it! 

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