What It Takes to Create a Video

For first-timers, the video creation experience can sometimes be a bit of an eye opener when learning what happens after the footage is captured, and during post-production (editing). That’s not so surprising. The footage is captured, after all. How much beyond that is needed? Trim out the bad stuff, add some music, insert a title or two, and voila! Video done. Well... it isn't quiet that simple.

Just briefly, though, the basic post-production work that happen with most videos usually includes:

  • Media management. Import footage into the editing system and then back it up 
  • Transcription. Extract interviews, string them together, export audio and video files
  • Scriptwriting. Read through transcripts, piece together a script.
  • Video drafts. A minimum of two drafts, more likely 3-4 needed
  • Polishing.  No matter how talented the camera person, the video picture will always need further enhancement
  • Miscellaneous. All the little details that are found on final review

The real revelation for clients, though, is how their footage can be manipulated in the edit suite. So many times, they might express a little concern during filming about their “actors” delivery on camera, and we always assure them: “Don’t worry. We’ll make it work in post.”

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