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The demands and costs of product training within a rapidly
growing market, can quickly become overwhelming.

The total loss to a business due to ineffective training is a massive 13.5 Million dollars per year, per 1000 employees. (source)

Think back to the childhood game of "Telephone". Whispering a phrase around a room, it becomes comical how fast the original phrase is twisted and changed. If a few words can get warped in under a minute, what do you think your training sounds like when your trainers attempt to explain it to a large audience in multiple locations? It can takes months or even years to effectively implement new training procedures when you nee to send individual trainers to multiple locations. Without a way to implement effective training on a large scale, you end up treading water for a while, and eventually sink.

Of 4300 workers polled, 74% felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work. (source)

What if your message was exactly the same every single time? What if the first person to receive your message got the same exact information as the last person? Instead of passing the information down, one by one, a highly effective training video, reach's your entire target audience immediately and without anything being lost in translation. 

Windwood enables companies to create training content to all of their employees, all over the world, at the same exact time, with the click of a button.  Using video training, you can capture your trainer’s information on camera, and ensure that your training becomes easily accessible and viewable across multiple platforms. The best part, it's also repeatable. Viewers are able to watch the content as often as needed to fully comprehend every aspect of your training.

Your words; your training; done right.

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