About Windwood Productions

Windwood is an upbeat, professional video production company located in Concord, New Hampshire that helps businesses and professionals create unique video content to excite, inform, and engage with their target audience.

Windwood was founded in 2014 with the hope of bringing world-class corporate and commercial storytelling to New Hampshire.

We work full time, and are comprised of a dedicated team with a rich background in video production, marketing, and graphic design.

In 2018 we found our home in downtown Concord, at 3 Pleasant St. (Above Pitchfork Records! Stop by!) with a studio that overlooks the city. In 2019 we doubled down on our home base and expanded our studio space in the same building to include a cozy office for editing, meetings, and general day to day operations.

We understand that there are dozens of talented Video Production companies between Concord, Manchester, and Nashua that could help you create awesome video content (Seriously, if you’re looking at other companies in the area, they do incredible work!) Here are a few things that we do that super proud of;

We are professional - Polos or button downs for every shoot. (We might wear the odd flannel once we get to know you)

We arrive 15-30 minutes before every shoot to meet our clients and setup our equipment.

We offer free consultation phonecalls or in person meetings with every potential client.

Once we get an understanding of your project and send you an estimate, we stick to that price. - We operate out of our own office and studio full time, so if we're not out on a shoot, you know where to find us!

Most importantly - (This one is a tough one but bear with me) we recognize when we're *not* the best fit for potential clients!

We LOVE what we do, we've been doing it for years, so we have a pretty solid idea of what we're great at! Being able to have an honest conversation about expectations before we show up lets us be the best possible production company, delivering the best possible product!

Nothing makes us happier than that day where we see our hard work launched on a beautiful new website, or shared on facebook. If you work with Windwood, we'll do everything we possibly can to create a video that you're proud of - because we'll be proud of it too! Excited to find out more about what story you're trying to share! Sincerely, Brett Marshall