How to Create Effective Video Testimonials

You know your existing clients and customers love your business, why not increase the range of their referrals and increase your brand credibility by creating a video testimonial?

Video testimonials have been around for years, if you haven't created one yet, don't be afraid to jump in with a few simple tips and tricks that we'll provide below! With an effective video testimonial you  have the capability to connect anyone on your website or facebook to your best brand ambassador - the best testimonials re-create the feel of an in person referral.

1. Figure out what you want to accomplish with the testimonial.

Yes, I started with an obvious one, and there's a reason for that! It's easy to get lost in a line of questioning with your subject that ends up causing a lot more headaches than it's worth! Video testimonials should be an efficient and effective way for you to drive leads, or get customers to buy a certain product or service.

Start with a really simple question: "What do I want the person who is watching this to *DO* after they've watched this video."

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.
— (Webdam)

If your answer is "I want them to buy my software training course" then you know that you should choose a subject for your testimonial that has had measured success with your software training course. You can ask your subject a line of questions about how your training course has helped them achieve their own success, that way your audience can see themselves achieving the same success.

If your answer is "I want my audience to trust me and my business overall" that's a different line of questions! You should be asking your subject questions along the line of how simple your business makes the process, and how your service offerings are different than the competitors. 

2. Find the right evangelist

Not only do you need someone who has been impacted positively by your product, but you need them to convey that information genuinely. The best evangelists have used your product for a long enough time to have seen actual results by using it. You don't want someone who has been using you for a week and "think it's going ok, but we'll see."

You want someone who knows the ins and outs of what they have bought from you, or how they use your business. You want them to be able to clearly articulate the benefits that they have seen over time with you. Testimonials are about trust building - it takes time to earn and build trust! 

3. Let your subject say what you can't 

Remember, you can be a bit selfish in your line of questioning! Of course it would be a little arrogant if you as a salesperson, or business owner talked for two minutes about how awesome your business is - You want your testimonial subject to say all of the things that you know are true about your business and services!

If you want your potential clients to know that you have a brand new offering, ask your subject about it - if you want your potential customers to know you have amazing customer service let them fill in the blanks and say how great their experience was with your CS team. 

4. Join the conversation

If you provide a service where trust is key, such as dentistry, consider asking the questions yourself! That way prospective clients will get to know you before they walk into the office! 

You don't have to be a faceless person behind the camera. If you are trying to build personal trust and credibility consider asking your testimonial subject questions in a more conversational tone, yes - with you in front of the camera! If you are a business or service provider that relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, you may be your own best selling tool. 



The key to a great testimonial is authenticity. Testimonials don't necessarily need to be a hollywood production - a quality testimonial will drive leads when you can allow a customer who truly believes that you have helped them to share how you have impacted them directly. You want the next person in line to say "hey, I want that result too!" 


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