Event Coverage Video

Ensure your event is captured

Consider getting interviews with event attendees to capture multiple viewpoints and reactions.

From trade-shows to concerts, sporting events and company outings, video increases your visibility after the event has concluded. Additionally, creating an event video ensures that nothing is missed, and as people can't be in two places at once, everyone gets a chance to see things they may not have been able to see while at the event. With cameras rolling all around your event, you can relax and be confident that no moment, big or small is missed. 

Even the best event coverage can look average without the right video production. How many times have you read a great book, then been totally disappointed with the film? And surely there are a few great days or nights you’ll never forget, but the photos just don’t do the memory justice? Well the same can happen with the video coverage of your precision planned, perfectly executed event. 

Unlike a studio shoot, a live event poses numerous challenges as the event unfolds and becomes a fluid situation. Coordinating with professional videographer allows you to pinpoint specific times and situations that are absolute must haves and can have multiple camera angles on scene if needed. From wide angle shots and drone fly-overs, to up close and personal, every aspect of your event is gone over ahead of time to coordinate the video teams movements.

After the event concludes and all the raw footage is compiled back in the studio, our professional editors are given the task of the final edits, and preparing it for broadcast, distribution, and or web integration.

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