A brand new boutique photography studio located in the heart of Concord, New Hampshire

Here's a photo shoot we did with Radical Retail! 

Windwood Productions, LLC now provides professional photography services at affordable prices, delivered quickly! 

We specialize in brand, product, and headshot photography, shooting for clients like Paper Thermometer, and Radical Retail (We wish we could say Armani, and Gucci, but we keep missing their calls). We provide everything you need to make your shoot a success. With LED or softbox lighting, a variety of backdrops, and even a greenscreen backdrop to digitally insert fun imagery, our studio and photographers are tailored to your needs! 

Let your personality shine with local photographers that will work with you to develop the best possible image for you and your brand. (Or just say hey we need your space to take some photos, that's totally cool too!)  

How does it work?

1. The introduction - First you say hi and tell us what you need! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, whether it's an hour long headshot session, or for us to take stylized photos of 100 different shirts, or hire a few people to wear those shirts and pose in them, we can handle it! If you think your order is a bit outside the box, or you need help coming up with what you need, call Brett at 1(203)644-5435 (Actual Phone Number)

2. The handshake - We'll get back to you within a couple days, either by phone or email with an estimation of work and a quoted price. If you think that all makes sense, we both sign an agreement - on our end it says "Hey we're going to shoot this" on your end it says "Hey, I want this shot!" 

3. The schedule - You let us know some times that work best for you, it can be as simple as "Afternoons" or specific days of the week. We do have a significant travel schedule, but at this point we have set aside WEDNESDAYS for our dedicated in studio photography days. If you don't have Wednesdays free, too bad! Just kidding, we're super flexible, we'll make sure whatever your schedule allows works with us! 

4. The shoot - Our studio location is listed in a map below, but we're in downtown Concord, on the second floor of 3 pleasant street right above Pitchfork Records... across from live juice... by the capital building.... by the giant eye that is projected in the window. If you're coming here for headshots, we will have everything set up for you. If we are doing product shots for you, we'll probably have to set up according to the product that you provide, so that may take some setup time. 

5. The Review - We're very big believers in measure twice, cut once. If we're doing a photo series for you, we will send you test photos for each setup variable, and wait for your approval before we move on to the rest of them. Similarly if we are taking headshots for you, we will take several test photos and show you what they look like on a reference monitor the day of before we continue. 

6. The Approval - We send you the final photos and you review them. While we stand by each "Final" photo we send, if there are changes you need due to an error that you see, we cover that revision completely free of charge. We will provide your photos to you via your choice of google drive file, or dropbox link. At that point you have free reign to do whatever you would like to those images, share, manipulate, print - It would be cool if you spread the word about us, but we're totally fine if you keep us under wraps as your awesome secret, we understand. 


Our Studio

3 Pleasant Street, Suite 2
Concord, NH, 03301
United States


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Whether you need a hundred corporate head-shots, a photo of you modeling your brand new T-shirt, or a photo of a complex machine you created, we have the experience and knowhow to help with whatever the project might be! 

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