This show closed out the season with a bang.

I heard some rough estimates putting the number of cars upwards of 800 and I think that might be an underestimate. It was an early, frigid start. Some shots were rendered unusable pretty early on and the cold actually was causing my camera some issues. Luckily sticking through it by keeping my camera in the bag and only bringing it out when absolutely 100% ready to shoot gave me some incredible early morning shots. When I started to piece together the footage I started to get the feel of an early-morning race track day, so I tried to stick with that as much as possible and allow that to guide my editing decisions. 

I was unfortunate in missing the Caffeine & Carburetors Lime Rock Park 2015 event. Luckily the talented cinematographer Andrew Reardon stepped up and covered for me. The C&C highlight video features Pinball Wizard by The Who. I think i've been trying to pair a Caffeine & Carburetors video with the who for a while, and I think this show gave me the perfect opportunity. It looked like a sunny and beautiful day, hopefully next year, I'm there full blast!

This show was a ton of fun. Mostly american, a few surprises. A lot of true car enthusiasts sharing in what they love. This show rocks every vibe it goes for. Classic rock blasting, Peter Bush announcing, loud cars, loud laughs, and BBQ burning. More soon.

What an amazing weekend at the Greenwich Concours D'Elegance 2015. I can't believe the quality and bredth of cars that come out for this show, I'll admit, I was severely overwhelmed. Not just shooting, but now in the process of editing, and cataloguing! Hundreds and hundreds of cars! The full video for the 2015 Concours D'Elegance, including footage from both days is posted!

I got to Waveny at about 5:00 in the morning (maybe a bit later) and the fog was so thick and deep that I was concerned about how the video was going to turn out. I stayed out in the baseball fields and watched the sprinklers turn on. Then saw Doug and his crew setting up for the show. I was really pleased how all of this turned out - the fog turned out to be atmospheric, and ended up mostly dissapating before the end of the day, not just providing a heavy beginning, but allowing for there to be a flow in the "Story" of the video as it progresses.

Old Abram Brown graciously allowed me to use their fantastic song "Tides" which I think accents the video perfectly. Enjoy!

This was my first Caffeine & Carburetors video. In fact - this was my first ever car show. I was visiting my friend Matt at Zumbach's Gourmet Coffee where he works, and he suggested I "come by for a car show" that his boss Doug puts together every year. I was on the fence about it, as I had (at this point) zero interest in cars, or videos of cars. But I'll say, I got there, and the streets were empty, police tape was put up everywhere in preparation of the show, and I started getting pumped. I saw so many people with smiles on their faces truly enjoying every second of the great show that Doug had put together, I couldn't help but stay and capture as much as possible. From the peoples enjoyment I started realizing that there was more to these big hunks of metal than noise and an ability to get you from point A to point B. There is history, and community, and spirit to each car that has been preserved, or updated, or loved over the years, and it is truly a beautiful thing to see.

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