About Windwood

Windwood Productions is an upbeat, professional video production company with a studio and office in downtown Concord, New Hampshire. We specialize in helping businesses and professionals create video and marketing content to drive growth, engagement, and action with their target audience.

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Our home in Concord, New Hampshire

In the past year, we’ve outfitted our cozy natural light studio with versatile backdrops for product shots, interviews, and so much more.



Brett Marshall
Creative Director

Sam Mostue   Graphic Design, Photograpy/Aerial

Sam Mostue

Graphic Design, Photograpy/Aerial



Andrew Reardon
Video Producer

Joe Angelini   Director of Photography

Joe Angelini

Director of Photography

Kirby Marshall  Operations

Kirby Marshall

Jared Mostue   Editing/Marketing

Jared Mostue



Freelance/Contractor Application

Windwood has a fluctuating work load that corresponds with new clients, existing client timelines, or if we're ramping up for our own productions. While we can't guarantee work, we can guarantee that we'll consider you in the future as work presents itself.

Currently Seeking:

  • Editors (Adobe Creative Cloud Proficient)

  • Audio Engineers

  • Color specialists

  • Videographers

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